Cannot access this report when printing purchase requisitions (GP 2018)

With the release of GP 2018 comes the ability for users to print purchase requisitions.  Simply open the requisition up and there is now a “Print” button in the Purchase Requisition Entry window.

However, it never dawned on me that with a new “report” in GP, comes a change to the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports Security.

If your users are getting this error “Cannot access this report because the dictionary containing it is not loaded” as shown below, you will need to go into your Alternate/Modified forms and reports security to fix it:


To resolve to go Administration –> System –> Click on “Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports”:


  1. Select the ID “DEFAULTUSER” (Note: if you have more than DEFAULTUSER you may have to do this for every ID)
  2. Under Product select “All Products”
  3. Under Type select “Reports”
  4. Under Series select “All” (note: once you select this it may take a few moments)
  5. Scroll down to Purchasing.  You’ll notice when you find your POP Purchase Requisition form that NOTHING is selected, you will need to click on the Microsoft Dynamics GP radio button  so it looks like this:
    Click on SAVE at the top

WALA!  purreq screen.PNGYour users can now print the purchase requisition report!




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