I can’t see any of my Management Reporter reports when I log in!


Management Reporter, like FRX, supports multiple sets for your reports on a per company basis.  The only difference is that Management Reporter calls them “Building Block Groups” and FRX called them “Specification Sets”.  This can be problematic if you have multiple building block groups and they get incorrectly assigned to each company.  This can typically happen after a migration from FRX to Management Reporter, but it may also happen if someone is messing around in the company settings.

If you login to Management Reporter and all you see is a blank slate on your reports like this:


You may be pointed to the wrong building block group!   Never fear, this is an easy problem to solve, simply click on Company – then click on companies:
Locate the company you are not seeing your reports in and click on Modify

mrblog3.PNGClick on the building block group drop down (in the above example it shows Fabrikam) and change it to the one that has all your reports and click OK.  It may be “Default” or it may be named differently.  Keep trying until you find all your reports re-appear.


Now, like magic, all your reports are back!  You can go ahead and close the Companies box below and continue working as normal in MR!


Note: if you still do not get all your reports back after doing this, you will probably need to have your IT department restore your ManagementReporter database in SQL from a prior backup.   

Why does MR have more than one “building block group”? You may have different reporting requirements for each company and want to keep them all separate.  But don’t let that stop you from having just one building block group, MR does a very nice job of consolidated financial reporting so you really only need one set of reports for all your entities – unless you really need to keep all your entities separate and don’t want to confuse them.

Until next time!


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