GP 2013R2 bootstrapper error when installing GP on Windows 10

A client recently emailed me indicating that they got an error when installing GP 2013R2 on Windows 10.  They had previously had no issues with this version of Windows and GP, so the first thing that came to mind is that Windows updates could be the culprit.

However, I went out into Google and Blogland and searched for some solutions, and I found a handy solution in this community post here:

Unfortunately, my client had already tried the fix identified in that post, and it did not work for her.  So, I asked her to go back to their IT person and ask about Windows updates.

Low and behold, they worked tirelessly to uninstall updates, one at a time to see which one was preventing the install.  The culprit?  MS KB 4230204.  As soon as they removed that update, GP installed without any errors!

KB 4230204 is titled “2018-06 Dynamic update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4230204) ”

I’m not really sure what this update does, as Microsoft has deprecated it from their catalog, so it may be an update that they rolled back.  I do not have it on my Windows 10 pro laptop, but this client was using a Surface so the updates may be different.

Regardless, the lesson is twofold – #1 Remove windows updates to troubleshoot issues with installing GP or any other program, just keep track of each removal so you know which one fixed the issue.   #2 Make sure you keep your GP version up to date!  2013 is no longer supported mainstream, so if an update was required to fix this client’s issue they would not be able to get it.

Until next time!

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